Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Old habits are hard to break.

Our girls were born finger/thumb suckers.  I have bribed both of them since they were around two years old with a horse, pool, vacations (mostly anything cheaper than braces). It has never worked, there has never been anything worth not sucking their fingers.  They have both quit for a few days and Jacie even quit for a few weeks.

Jake and I equate them quitting with someone coming off nicatine. They both are self soothers, meaning if they are sad, mad or stressed they would just suck their fingers.  It really has been nice. If it was socially acceptable for all of the born finger suckers to relieve sadness and stress by sucking their fingers, I believe it would cancel out a lot of the need for medication for depression.

The other night Jake and I were putting dinner on the table. This time usually is when Jake and I discuss our day and anything urgent that needs to be taken care of in the next 24 hours.  However, there was so much singing and "mouthing" from the girls we couldn't even talk. Jake looked at me and asked why is it so noisy in here.  I laughed and told him that is the sound of girls that no longer suck their fingers.  Jake sarcastically said he liked the quiet better. But, we are hopefully not going backwards.

I am happy to announce both of the girls have decided with a reward system that they would like to quit.  I am very excited that they are working hard and achieving their goal.  Jacie is about 45 days out and Jaelin is about 8 days out.  It is really awesome to see your children work hard toward something that you can't do for them and reach success.

Their strategy is putting knee socks on up to their shoulders to keep them from sucking their fingers in their sleep.  They tell me they never sucked their fingers at school, so that isn't in an issue.  They have used extreme self control the other times, including the hardest, television time.

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