Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hillbilly ski slopes opened today!

I promised Jacie a sleepover with some friends over Christmas Break.  However the girls have some chest congestion that sounds like a terrible cough, especially when they lay down, no fevers though.  Rumors through the moms circle say, everyone has some kind of heebie-jeebies.  Therefore a sleepover of sharing germs, seemed like a ridiculous idea.  Then it snowed and I thought a family sled riding party seemed more logical.  The cold air seems to kill "nastyness" and helps the chest congestion.  I texted a few families and the Hillbilly ski slopes opened for a few hours today.

Jake got the cattle fed and came in just after noon, to grab a sandwich and get us loaded to head toward the field we would occupy for the afternoon.

We grabbed an old mineral feeder that most of our sledding group could fit in.  Of course the more weight in it, the farther you travel.

Sometimes the walk up the hill is good for you . . .

Colleen who volunteered to ride in the front of the trough most of the trips down was the real trouper of the day.  The person in the front takes a lot of snow in the face and most of the wind going down the hill.

Jacie, Colleen and Celia 

Jennifer and Joshua 
 If you are wondering who had the most fun today. It may have been our two dogs. Chip even went down the hill once with a load of kids.


Olivia - dressed for the weather.

Hillbilly ski lift.

Hillbilly ski instructor with his dog.

These two would still be on the slopes - if everyone else wasn't so cold.

Sled return, bathroom breaks, father daughter time.

"Hurry up with that sled - girls!"
It was a great afternoon with some great people and a memorable way to spend a day of Christmas Break.

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