Monday, December 3, 2012

Chocolate milk addict, Asian pears and spoiled kids

Upon our arrival from our weekend in "Perrydise" last night, I realized the milk in our refrigerator had expired.  Milk expiring around here happens about twice a year.  I am addicted to chocolate milk.  I treat milk much like some people treat whiskey.  I drink a glass before I go to bed and then another one when I wake up and if it is a bad day I even drink one midday. You can imagine my disappointment, when I went to bed without a glass and woke up and started my day without chocolate milk.

After driving the girls to school, I stopped by and picked up a few things.  Mostly fresh fruit and MILK.

In the produce section, I saw some Asian pears. They reminded me of my FFA Advisor days and fruit delivery.  I also thought the girls might enjoy them.  Recognizing that they were $1.48 each, I carefully selected two of them.  I do think $1.48 for a piece of fruit is a splurge. Although, sometimes you have to put things into perspective. As a rather rude complete stranger helped me do.

I was unloading my groceries on the belt and a loud woman got in line behind me.  As she was yelling at a woman two lines down in conversation, the cashier was asking me about the Asian pears.  I was telling her I really had never had them and she was saying how delicious they were.  I said well I actually got them for my girls.  Reminding you I am still angry about the no milk thing, when the lady behind me says loudly "well they must be spoiled".  I think I gave her "the look".  I have a look that my former students would say I gave.  I really don't realize I do it.  It is a look of angry disappointment. At the same time it also says don't talk to me that way.  At this point I am milk deprived and load my groceries in the cart grouching my way to the car.  I was driving home thinking, would she have said my kids were spoiled if I had bought two king size candy bars (roughly the same price).

Then I arrived home poured a large glass of milk, mixing Quick chocolate into it and suddenly I really didn't care about the Asian pears or if someone thought my girls were spoiled.

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