Thursday, October 11, 2012

Romanticizing the role of a farmer's wife.

I often have been asked about being a farmer's wife or what a typical day is like on the farm.  There are no typical days as a farmer's wife. Every single day is different, because every season is different, weather changes, crops rotate, people change, we continue to improve, change and evolve. I believe that is why there are so many farmer's wives blogging.

I believe that non-rural people believe we are all excellent cooks.  I cook out of necessity, I can plan meals for any setting and I like to feed people.  I am not sure I would rate myself as excellent.

What I do believe to be true, is that the farmer's wife is one of these things flexible, insane or divorced.  I myself feel like I flirt between the line of flexibility and insanity.  I hope after our 50th wedding anniversary I will be flexible and sane.

Tonight Jake calls to say he would be drilling wheat until dark.  I had just picked the girls up from school, I knew Jacie had a lot of homework and studying for tests for Friday.  I was sick all day yesterday.  Sick like barely moved from the recliner.  Today when I got up I was thinking I am really behind a day.  I spent most of the morning cleaning and disinfecting the house. Jake is the only one who hasn't been sick - I am still praying and holding out hope that he will not get the illness.  I spent the afternoon entering feed numbers into an excel spreadsheet for inventories for the feed yard.  When Jake called, I volunteered to bring him supper from the closest burger joint to the field.
Jacie has a social studies assignment, so on the way to the field we stopped by to take these pictures of a town.
photo courtesy of Jacie Wolfinger

photo courtesy of Jacie Wolfinger

Jacie read Junie B. Jones on the round trip.  She is a silent reader now - it makes me nervous.  As a recovering high school teacher, I assume she is skipping pages and not reading.  I forget she still enjoys reading, she chose the book and thank goodness is still too naive (I think) to cheat.

On the way to the field Jake called to see if I could bring food for the guy combining beans in the next field over.  A farmer's wife likes to feed people, so of course I said yes.  I have never met Seth, I said what should I bring him.  Jake called back with the order. I obliged.

We arrived to the field with burgers and another chapter of Junie B. Jones read.

That's my farmer . . . and this is our romantic dinner, complete with an electric fence between us.
The place we dropped a burger, for a guy we still haven't met.  We hope he enjoyed it.

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