Thursday, October 18, 2012

Advice for Christmas Shopping

Since several of my friends are already posting on Facebook the countdown until Black Friday, I am sharing this story.  Abby Stanger even self reported that she has presents wrapped. I heard this story this summer, and it is roll on the floor funny.  I feel like I can now share it with you, because I am not the first to mention Christmas.

A woman asked her husband what he wanted for Christmas before leaving to do some Christmas shopping. He said he would like a muffler bearing puller for Christmas.  She set off for Sears, where the kind man working there told her he checked the computer, but they didn't have one. He did offer the advice that she should check Auto Zone.  She went to Auto Zone and they told her that she should probably check at Advanced Auto Parts.  The man at Advanced Auto Parts smiled as she asked if they carried a muffler bearing puller.  He then told her someone was pulling her leg. Enjoy your Christmas shopping this year.



  1. I could totally see myself falling for this!

    1. Does that mean you went for the board stretcher from the office during your high school ag. class?