Monday, September 3, 2012

Senior Fair

I participated in Junior Fair for eleven years.  I always enjoy looking through projects at any county fair anywhere in the country.  I love a County Fair.  However in many places across the country the increasing age of senior fair exhibitors and declining entries saddens me.  Last year while visiting the Belmont County Fair with my friend Stephanie, I said I am bringing back senior fair. So I made three entries this year for the 2012 Belmont County Fair.  We took them today.

The first one is the quilt I finished up last year after the fair.

The second one is on the pictures I posted on my blog last year and then it became one of my most read blogs Happy Cows Live Everywhere! I have recently learned that the pictures I love taking where all the cows are at the bunk eating, are confusing to the consumer.  Apparently many think they have to live like this with no place to move.  This picture shows some of the area they have to move about.

The third entry is the one I am most proud of, which is Jacie's quilt.  This is the first quilt top she has made and the first quilt I have quilted (by machine).

None of my entries are perfect and we probably won't bring home purple ribbons.  In fact I was joking, saying that fair attendees would probably look at our exhibits and say "I could do better than that".  That would be exactly the result I am looking for, bring your entry next year and then the senior fair grows.  

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