Sunday, September 16, 2012

Backwoods Fest with Midnight Mama

I spent the weekend helping my friend Jennifer at the Backwoods Fest in the county that I grew up in.  I got to see many people I haven't seen in years.

Jennifer taught me how fun sewing can be and is an excellent seamstress. Along with being able to sew almost anything, she is also very creative. She named her business Midnight Mama which turned many heads and created a few smiles.  Jennifer teaches third grade, is raising twins with her husband who is a full time farmer, which only leaves hours after midnight to sew.

My Grandma Poorman who passed away last year had this booth for years.  After she passed away I really felt that Jennifer should start marketing her skills.  Before you had to be a family member or friend of Jennifer's to get a special quilt or project from Jennifer, now she is sharing them with everyone.

Jennifer sold some of her items, but still has some inventory if you are looking for Christmas gifts.  She also has several quilts for sale. She took some orders for special baby quilts and a few t-shirt quilts.  We talked much of the weekend about how special it is to create a quilt for someone and think about that person the entire time you are making it.  She did make an awesome puzzle piece quilt that sold through the Backwoods auction to benefit autism.  The quilt brought $130 the first time and then was donated back and sold again for $130.  Checkout Jennifer's blog at Sew It's Midnight  for more unique gift ideas.

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