Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Wilds Day!

A few weeks ago Jake's brother and his wife invited us to go to the Wilds.  It is a branch of the Columbus Zoo and is located about half way between their home and ours.  We have never been to the Wilds.

A herd of American Bison

It ended up being a beautiful cooler day, with Jake's entire family.  His Mom and Dad, his sister Katy and her new husband Calvin, Jake's brother Andy and our sister-in-law Leslie and their two year old son Payton.

If you have never been to Wilds in eastern Ohio I highly recommend it.  In my opinion it is better than the zoo.  You buy a ticket and load a bus and we got to see more animals then I have ever seen at the zoo.  There is no crowd, because you are on the bus.  You don't have to worry about your kids running off, because they are locked on the bus.  The bus does have open sides, for wonderful picture opportunities and the camels like to stick their head in the bus.

This Giraffe feeder is a different take on the round bale feeder.

They do let you off the bus to explore in safe and gated areas.  Did you know a rhino can run 25 mph?  Don't worry though this was a safe and gated area, where the kids were walking down to feed some catfish.

A great Sunday in eastern Ohio at the Wilds!

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