Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The farmer and his quilt pattern.

I have laid out quilt tops long before I could sew.  Grandma Poorman would let us lay out simple block patterns and she would sew them together.  I now believe it was because she would rather sew than to crawl around on the floor moving block patterns and colors around.  However my Grandpa, Dad and Uncle John would often stop by to inspect our patterns.  They would look it over and say things like "oh you have two blues together".  I always found this behavior so annoying.

I am laying out my fourth quilt tonight in two weeks.  I am starting to feel like Grandma, I just want to sew.  Jaelin was laying out a quilt with some extra block on one side of the living room while I was laying out the pink John Deere quilt on the other side.  Guess who shows up?  Jake!  "That pattern is not correct", he started. "Oh, really," I reply as I was having flashbacks to my childhood.  He began to explain how he would do it and how the pattern should flow.  Finally I said, that sound like a great idea.  He is now designing the quilt.

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