Monday, August 27, 2012

Just a conversation, an Agricultural Civil War . . .

Or is it a distraction from the enemy.  

The next light bulb moment I had from the two day AgriPOWER conference was changing the conversation.  I will no longer discuss in detail with the non-agriculture community my opinion of different Agriculture Practices.  I am going to make an effort to explain the choices they have and in clarity and the difference between them.  The conversation about the practices need to provide clarity about things that matter to the consumer and that is that ALL FOOD IS SAFE and farmers and ranchers provide choices.

I believe that as agriculturalists we confuse everyone by discussing and debating practices. There is enough room in the market for every farmer/rancher.  It really isn't fair to the mom who just wants to purchase safe food for her family, for us to debate practice as if one of them is safer than the another.

My new message: All food is safe!  What do you want to know about your choices?

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