Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Joshua is a good source of information, considering it is an election year.  However you soon realize several things:

1. Joshua is not running for any political office on any ballot.

Other things that I have found interesting throughout Joshua:

1. In Joshua he gave the descendants of  Joseph that were all daughters his land.  At this time women were not allowed to own land. However they thought it right and just in this case.  I bet there were some women who would've liked to know that this was in Joshua.

2. These people finally made it to the Holy Land, and with God's help were able to take on large armies that were bigger and better armed and gain control of the ground that God, through Moses and now Joshua gave them to inherit and live.  But, just a short time afterward turned away from God and began going about life without him.  Interesting!

3. It also states that prosperity and success comes from 1) being strong and courageous because the task ahead will not be easy, 2) obey God's law, and 3) constantly read and study the Book of the Law - God's word.

The next press question for the Presidential candidates should be - How many times have you read the Bible?

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