Monday, July 23, 2012

The Miller's

Jake and I are blessed and fortunate to be making great friends as we journey through life.  Jake was a part of the first Ohio Farm Bureau AgriPOWER class, where he really got to know John Miller.  John grew up in the same county and they even went to college together, however never really got to know each other until AgriPower.  They talk on the phone weekly and have become the best of friends. They spend most of their time talking farm and business.  I enjoy conversations with his wife Mindy who is a tremendous farmer's wife, cook and mother.  Our girls play well together with their two girls Carly and Cara and son Carter.  They traveled to Nebraska last year to our feed yard and recently came to eastern Ohio to visit.

We cooked and ate dinner at our place, followed by some lolly gagging around looking at the dry conditions and cattle. It was a wonderful evening. Thanks for a good time - Miller Family!

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