Saturday, June 16, 2012

Beef, chores, family, races and summer time fun!

Jake and I usually go to church on Saturday night.  We started going to Saturday Mass when we were dating.  It often is a necessity now,  because we never know what Sunday  morning will bring.  In Lancaster, Ohio it could have been spraying, planting or harvesting.  In Lexington, Nebraska it could have been a feed truck break down, a new shipment of cattle or sick cattle.  Now back in Ohio it could be cows out, breeding or calving. Although I don't feel good about it we treat the Sunday Mass as a back up plan.  I hope God understands.

Tonight we went to Mass and then home to reacquaint some cows with their calves.  As more of them were separated when they worked another group this morning.  While Jake was doing that the girls and I went to look for a mineral feeder and then moved it to another pasture.  The girls and I won the race because our chore was completed leaving time for some picture taking and watching of the sunset.

Come on girls, come through the opening.

and we waited for Daddy . . .

. . .and we watched the beautiful sunset in eastern Ohio.

When Jake pushed some of the cows into the other pasture, I positioned myself inside the gate hole so I could have a nice view of the cows and the calves coming through.  This was an excellent opportunity to check out the calves and I saw some nice bull calves.

As the cows went to the other pasture . . .

Jake attempted to get a count on the cows.

Jacie darted for the 4wheeler to ride with her Dad.

By the time we got to the final gate hole, Jaelin wanted to ride with her Dad too.  I enjoyed the quiet ride back.


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