Monday, May 7, 2012

Meatless Monday

Our family is doing their part to celebrate Meatless Monday and we made Sloppy Joe this evening.  What did you have?

Here is my major "beef" with Meatless Monday.  We live in the best country in this world.  We live in America, a place where you have freedoms to make your own choices.  You have the right to eat Twinkies for supper if you so choose.  I once told my high school classes that there were people in this country that want to prevent you from eating meat.  One boy said, "no one is going to keep me from eating meat".  I said, "oh, they aren't going to make you stop eating meat, they just are going to make it so expensive that you won't be able to afford to eat meat".

This is the website, where "they" promote eating no meat on Mondays.  This even includes how much water you could save.  Really, because if I am not eating meat, what will I eat that requires no water.  Maybe we should have "waterless" Monday if that is the agenda.

Here are additional facts of a diet that finds meat to be a healthy part of your diet.  Read this and feel good about feeding your family meat.

As always I appreciate all of my carnivore readers.  I send a special thank you to those of you choosing to use part of your grocery budgets to purchase BEEF.

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