Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jaelin's birthday party!

It seems to be a really difficult decision to decide what to do for a child's birthday party these days.  People are spending thousand on renting fabulous places and vehicles and then there is the present.  I fight like most parents in my head what is best for our kids.  I don't want them thinking we have all this money to celebrate them turning seven (because we don't).  If we did have the money I am not sure I want them to feel that we should be spending it that way.  However I want my kid to fit in, have friends, enjoy life and all of those things.  My friend and I were recently talking about this and we have decided we think we can bring that back yard birthday party back.  She has, she threw a great backyard party with an old fashioned balloon toss, musical chairs, cupcakes and pizza.  The kids  loved it.

When the girls were little we had Sunday afternoon parties with mostly family.  Last year we had our family only birthday parties in our kitchen with their favorite meals and cupcakes in Nebraska.  This year I had a friends birthday party for Jacie for the first time and Jaelin was expecting something spectacular.  With calving and everything going on, we opted for the four of us to go to an indoor water park. It was a great afternoon for us on a cold and damp spring day.  Jake even ran into a fellow farmer, who was rained out and at the water park with his family.  It turned out to be a great family outing and birthday party for Jaelin.

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