Thursday, May 3, 2012

Great weather - for working family time

Jake is trying to get some cows gathered in for their spring time vaccinations before breeding.  He said after it cooled down this evening he would like to get some of the cows gathered up.  I said the girls and I could help him.  I knew in the back of my mind it would push back bedtime.  Sometimes I am fearless like that and throw caution to the wind and push back bedtime by a half hour or so. (sarcasm)

The girls and I went out in the two seater buggy.  I really like driving that buggy and the girls can fit in one seat with a seat belt.  Jake went on the four wheeler and we all went looking for cows.  It was a beautiful evening and the girls and I had some great conversations.

Jaelin told me that "I should go faster and get around the cows - that's what daddy does" she says.

Jacie was able to show me this new mole she got on her neck.  She is really excited about this.  I don't know if she thinks she is Cindy Crawford or if no one has told her that moles aren't really that cool.
They really just talk the whole time about what cows we are looking for, where their calves are, which field we are moving them to. After we were back in the very back of the field Jacie decided she had to pee.  Which she now calls doing her business, because her friend at school has an inside puppy.  I told her she would have to go out here.  So she did and for the first time by herself.  That is very exciting for me - she is on her own now in that regard.

We were almost done when Jaelin said she was going to take a nap and we should wake her up when we had found all the cows.  She put her head back and closed her eyes.  But, she didn't go to sleep.

When we were finished I realized that the girls are good for about 2-3 hours of work now.  With a snack we can get 4-5 hours.  If you allow them to whine and complain we can probably get 8 hours.  That seems to be the American way - they should get jobs.  :)

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