Friday, April 27, 2012

They let me sub again!

I have been subbing for the local high school.  They call me when the Industrial Arts teacher or Agriculture Education teacher are going to be out and I get to pretend to be a teacher.  I highly recommend if you have a few days here in there you sign up to substitute at your local high school.  The pay is terrible, but the education is valuable.  Depending on what is going on in their lesson plan, they sometimes allow me to make my own lesson plan.  I love making one day units to teach something I deem important to high school students and future tax paying citizens.
Today I was teaching and I decided that I wanted to ask the sophomores and seniors about entitlement. The idea that today we believe we are entitled to things that a couple of decades ago people didn't feel that way about. I asked them to take one piece of paper and fold it in half long ways.  Then I asked them to make two columns one listing what you deserve if you are "working" and one column for things you deserve if you are "not working".  We did not define working or not working.  These were the responses from the 16 students who participated.  What do you think?

“WORKING”                                                                          “NOT WORKING”

House- 7                                                                                  Shelter- 4
Nice House- 1                                                                          House
            Shower                                                                        Low end housing
            Bed                                                                              Bed
Food – 5                                                                                  Food- 4
3 Meals a Day- 7                                                                     3 meals - 4
Clothes -1                                                                                2 meals- 2
Nice Clothes – 2                                                                      1-2 meals - 1
Clean Clothes                                                                           1 meal - 1
Job Security                                                                             water
Tax Relief                                                                                 clothes - 3
Good Pay- 1                                                                            used clothes - 1
Paid                                                                                         Welfare
Pay Check on time                                                                   a hug
Medical and Dental Insurance
Medical Insurance- 2                                                                medical insurance
Minimum Salary- 1                                                                   unemployment- 1
Paid Benefits- 1                                                                        help if needed
Money- 3                                                                                 a job- 1
Suitable working conditions                                                       spending money
Working Tools
Working Apparal
Drivers License

Extra Rights and Privileges- 2                                                     less privileges
Luxuries                                                                                   no electric
Cell Phone
Credit Card
Rights and Privileges to drink
Sleep                                                                                        Sleep
Car- 10                                                                                    Car- 1
Animals- 5                                                                                no animals
Marriage- 1
Medicine                                                                                  medicine
Friends                                                                                    friends
Doctor                                                                                     doctor
Toys (ie 4wheeler)- 3
Respect- 1                                                                               respect- 1

* the numbers indicate how many students reported that answer

Now what to do with this information!  I am deciding if I should do a follow up next week when they let me go back.  What should the follow up be? What are we entitled to as Americans?

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