Sunday, April 15, 2012

Katy's First Bridal Shower -

My super special sister-in-law had her first bridal shower today, thrown by me. Although her mother- my mother-in-law took care of all the food.  We played some games for these prizes.  One of the games we played: we weighed in all of the guest's purses.  There were prizes for the heaviest, lightest and closest to the bride. I was surprised the heaviest purses including Katy's weighed 6 pounds. Guess which prize was chosen first?

I tried to explain Appalachia America to my Hispanic students last year in Nebraska. The best way I found to explain it, was a place where nobody moves in and nobody moves out.  When you choose to marry someone from a neighboring town in this area you usually get a rather large wedding and more than one shower.  It is a large and wonderful party stretched out over several weekends.  I am trying to be creative about the gifts I give Katy at her three showers.  I want the gifts to be spontaneous, fun and of course something she will love.

Gift One:

Jacie, Jaelin and I made (after seeing the initial idea online) a "Bucket of Dates"

There are several date ideas and a couple of gift cards that Calvin and her can draw from in the next year.  We also included a photo album so they can take pictures and have memories from their first year together.  Stayed tuned for next weeks gift!

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