Saturday, March 10, 2012


It was like out of no where came this thing Pinterest.  I first saw these posts coming up on Facebook.  I am not sure I completely understand Pinterest yet.  I became a member this past week in Nebraska.  I stayed with one of my great friends Barb, who is also the Consumer Science Teacher at Lexington High School.  She said she loves it and is so happy that it is bringing the younger generations back to crafty projects and recipe sharing.  I agree that is awesome!

However one of the things I am truly discouraged with about Pinterest is that there are not enough beef recipes on there.  In fact there are so many chicken recipes on Pinterest that I actually bought chicken at the grocery tonight.  I am so discouraged about this.  I began wondering where are our beef check off dollars.  Why is the Beef Council not pinning recipes?  Then 30 seconds later I realized there cannot be very men on Pinterest. As soon as I figure this pinning thing out, I am going to post more beef recipes.

Then came my million dollar idea that I do not have the talent to carry out.  So here it is for someone else to do it and make millions. Farmer Pinterest (of course a more manly name change would be needed), where farmers could post shop projects, dream shops, bull sales, tips for solving farming type problems, crop and livestock pictures. You get the idea.

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