Wednesday, December 21, 2011

FFA Toy Tractor

My dad who is the biggest toy tractor fun on earth, has always bought me the FFA toy tractor for Christmas.  About a month ago I found out that they were discontinuing the Ohio FFA toy tractor fundraiser.  I was surprised that my dad had not mentioned this.  Without thinking I immediately called my dad to see what he thought about this.  Little did I know that I would be breaking the news to him and he would be so devastated. You would have thought I was telling him that Christmas was cancelled. He was quickly making a plan to continue the tractor sales.  He was asking me if I thought he could buy the rights and then he was going to help the Sheridan FFA Alumni.  Soon he was in contact with the local FFA Advisor and Melissa Bell who is in charge of the Foundation.  He found out that there were several unsold tractors from previous years, which was hurting the profits of the fundraiser.  He also found them a cheaper distributor of a new fundraising tractor.  So needless to say my dad is getting his Christmas wish and there will be a continuance of the Ohio FFA tractor fundraiser through the Ohio FFA Foundation (Christmas is back on).  The tractor sale will continue as in previous years and all profits will help support the Ohio FFA Association. This year's tractor is an International Hydro 544 and is $65 including shipping.   Please order yours today. This is the link to purchase yours and if you are interested in one: 

He even buys his grand kids tractors or in this case combines for Christmas


  1. I love this! My dad bought us a tractor every year and now they go to the grandkids. These are awesome memories.

  2. Yes Mary these memories are fantastic my mom also used to buy it for me. Now i buy John Deere Toy Tractors for my kids....

  3. Oh the picture above recalled my memory when my grandpa also brought me Tractor Toys Collection on the Christmas...