Saturday, November 19, 2011

Our Second Honeymoon

Jake and I left on Monday evening to fly to Nebraska to take care of business at 4+ Feeders.  When we arrived at the Columbus airport our flight was twenty minutes late.  It was storming and our flight was really rough.  However on the flight we were talking and realized that this was the first time we’ve flown together since we went to Cancun on our honeymoon eight and half years ago. He has flown on numerous trips with Farm Bureau and the Cattlemen’s and I’ve flown with FFA students on a few trips, but never together. We made it to St. Louis and then on to Omaha.  After checking with eight car rental places, not one of them had a rental car.  Jake and I were really surprised.  After waiting over an hour for a rental car, Jake made a deal with Advanced for a car that had not been cleaned.  Jake looked at me and grinned because he knew after we hit every back road in central Nebraska and we “used” it around the feed yard it would likely be dirtier inside and outside then when we received it anyway.  He then said “we’ll take it”. 
On Tuesday we arrived at the yard just in time to ship three loads of cattle for Dose’s.  Like any honeymoon Jake and I split up after that.  I headed for the accountant and then to Hershey to work on Quick Books.  Gail and I worked for three days and two nights on Quick Books.  She is brilliant with Quick Books and I am an amateur.  She taught me a lot.  It reminded me of the time I learned to enter grades in my first electronic grade book. The difference is Quick Books actually makes you money and gives you facts about your business.  The only fact my grade book ever 

told me was kids that have poor attendance have low grades.  I am really sure that I could have figured that out without entering all the information into my grade book.  By Thursday afternoon we were wrapping things up and headed back to Lexington.  I was excited to be a judge at the high schools lip-sync competition with some of my former fellow teachers. Jake decided he would pass on the lip- sync and visit with one of our neighbors and good friends. 

On Friday morning I went to school to visit my welding teacher partner from last year, Deitrich Meyer who is 75 years old and completely brilliant and gifted in the area of welding.  I also was able to make a few quick visits to former teachers and students.  I then went to surprise my favorite Catholic nun ever – Sister Mary Ann.  I took her to lunch and had a short but wonderful visit.  She is a special lady.  I then had to get back to work stopping at the post office, bank and a few more errands. I also had to go take care of a personal property tax bill for $15.92 for Jake.  This unpaid bill, that was never billed to us got Jake a warrant out for his arrest.  I then headed back to the feedlot to meet with Jake and Adams Land and Cattle one of the feed yards we background for.  They have a feedlot capacity of 85,000 head.  The younger boy in this picture shook my hand and tipped his ball cap when he was introduced to me.  I've never in all my years had a man tip his hat to me.  I thought to myself what good manners. After the meeting Jake and I then went to Fairbanks where he “surprised” me with the biggest gift he has ever bought me. After a short meeting with our employees, we headed to town for dinner with the Gydeson at Tep’s.  Jake and I left for Omaha so we would be there early enough to make it to the airport.

Jake and Adam's Land and Cattle (Allen and Lander)
My gift - from Jake 
Upon arriving home, it was similar to returning from Cancun.  Jake went right to work.  He decided that since his dad was not done harvesting corn he should spend the evening in the combine.      


  1. For a man who doesn't give gifts, that sure is a big one! I'm sad that your trip out to Nebraska did not find you at any of our old quilting shops! Maybe if you back this summer, I'll tag along!

    I want to hear more about the warrant for Jake's arrest! Yikes, good thing you brought the checkbook to bail him out! :)

  2. Thank you so much for this idea. I wish there was time to hit the quilt shops, but it was all about record keeping. The warrant is because Nebraska doesn't bill you for your personal or property taxes. You have to show up and pay them and keep track of it yourself. We paid, and I don't know where the $15.92 owed came from.