Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mending Jake's Jeans

Jake frequently snags, rips out, or wears out his jeans.  My grandma was a master mender.  I really never took tips from her.  Unfortunately, I usually just dropped them off and never even bothered to watch her fix them.  They would always just be mended and laying on the back of the couch when I returned.  It would be hard to calculate the pairs of jeans she has mended for other people.  When she finally convinced Uncle John and Dad to take her sewing machine to Nursing Home the first time she was there, she was even doing mending for the residence there.  I knew the day would come, that I wished I would have taken better notes and that day was today.

Step One (I guess) - Make a patch a little larger than the hole needing patched.

Step Two - with pants inside out and the other side of the leg out of the way, sew along the outside of the patch

Step Three - The hardest part is cramming all of the denim under the machine and keeping the other side of the jean leg from getting under the needle.  Jake wouldn't be happy with jean leg sewed shut. 

Step Four - On the outside of the patch zig zag around the hole (cut off frindge first).

I think next time and there will be a next time, I can clean up my zig zag stitching.  However he almost did pull these jeans out of the closest and wear them to mass tonight.  I am thinking that means, it must have been a good patch.  I may change the way I patch as I watch the patch as he wears them.   


  1. You'll have to go to JoAnn's and get a "jean needle" or they might be called "denim needles". That will make jean mending easier!

  2. That would explain the needle coming out of the machine at one point. I'll check that out next time I'm at JoAnn's. Thanks for the helpful hint.